Tech Tuesdays


This site hosts the ical feed for Tech Tuesdays, so anyone can subscribe and see whats happening.


Tech Tuesdays is a fortnightly gathering in Open Lab to talk about the technical side of the research we do. To get into the nitty gritty of how we build stuff or just to chat about cool tech we've seen or played with.


macOS calendar

Open Calendar then go to File → New Calendar Subscription..., paste the URL and press Subscribe

iOS calendar

Open Calendar and Calendars at the bottom then go Add Calendar and choose Add Subscription Calendar. Paste the URL into that modal and press Subscribe.

Outlook Microsoft 365 (Web)
  1. Open the Calendar view.
  2. If the Navigation Pane is not visible, click the menu button (☰) to open it.
  3. Click Add calendar.
  4. Click Subscribe from web.
  5. Copy the URL for the .ics feed from below, paste it into the Subscribe from web pane.
  6. Set an appropriate Calendar name, such as: Tech Tuesdays
  7. Click Import.

Use another calendar? Create a Pull Request that describes how to sync with it.

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